Southland is in the midst of instilling a strategy to motivate, educate, and empower our people to embrace lean thinking as a way of life. In order for a successful transition to occur, we have begun to build a Guiding Coalition throughout the organization.

Currently, Southland has existing Lean Core Team Leaders within each of our divisions who strive to improve Southland’s efficiency in every aspect. These team leaders will make up part of the Guiding Coalition, in addition to other influential Southland employees.

Consisting of about 25 employees from senior-level positions to recent hires, the Guiding Coalition will focus on creating successful change initiatives across the organization. This diverse group will work together to perfectly craft new initiatives and ensure all of Southland stands behind the standardized processes. If a process can become standard, then our teams will know when a problem arises and can fix it immediately. If we are continuously improving our processes, each project can be our best one yet.

As we work towards driving value to our customers, we are motivated by knowing a standardized lean process across all of Southland will make our customers’ lives easier. If you look at what it means to be lean, it’s to drive non-value added waste out of a process. Our customers define value. Because of this, the objective for each member will be to focus on driving more value to the customer.

Although this is a new initiative and we know we have a lot of work to do, we also know the added value behind our lean journey. By standardizing the process and having a team behind these initiatives to champion the benefits, we can create a ‘Southland Way,’ so that when customers come to us, they know what to expect and that it will be nothing short of perfect.


  • Chuck Allen

    Executive Vice President, Operational Excellence

    As Executive Vice President of Operational Excellence, Mr. Allen leads Southland’s lean and process improvement initiatives with a focus on continuous improvement. Overseeing the company’s dedicated commitment to creating a lean culture, he facilitates best practice sharing, planning, and implementation efforts that ultimately lead to increased efficiencies, effectiveness, and profitability. With more than 25 years of experience in design-build mechanical engineering and construction, Mr. Allen is able to provide unrivaled operational support across the organization. Previously, he was responsible for the development of five of Southland’s regional construction divisions, served as a division leader, and led Southland’s advanced technologies efforts, as well as functioned as chief operating officer. Focusing his expertise on design-build projects within the government, healthcare, hospitality, and commercial market sectors, Mr. Allen has contributed immensely to the overall success of the company. He has helped lead some of Southland's most important projects to noteworthy outcomes, including the historic renovation of the Pentagon Wedges 2-5 in the nation's capital, as well as Kaiser Downey Hospital in Downey, California. Mr. Allen received a bachelor's degree in building construction from Virginia Tech. He has served on Southland's Board of Directors since 2005.

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