A few months ago, Southland’s Las Vegas fabrication shop began to notice an excess of material inventory, unused equipment, issues with deliveries, and allocating space for existing equipment. These issues, and more, resulted in a slew of inefficiencies for the shop. At Southland, efficiency is key in all realms of work. The more efficient we can be; the best product our clients receive.

In the spirit of being lean, the Las Vegas shop began to clean house with unnecessary items claiming valuable space. After making donations, throwing stuff out, and repurposing items within the shop, the team created a linear flow in most areas, with each trade given a specific area.

To gain an outsider’s perspective, a lean consultant was brought in to help with reorganization efforts. The consultant revisits every few months to check in on our progress and suggest new lean initiatives. Additionally, a few members of the team began to take classes through the Nevada Industry of Excellence (NVIE), a lean consulting firm, to gain more insight as to where time in the shop was being wasted. The classes took place over the course of four weeks and included weekend time.

Through the help of the NVIE, several changes were made, and the team continues to seek opportunities for more efficient processes. For example, originally, the Las Vegas office had a remote plumbing shop. The remote shop has since closed down and has been combined with the main prefabrication shop. This was not a simple undertaking. It required all shop managers to think outside the box and sacrifice some of their well-guarded shop space. In the end, this created a more streamlined flow.

Southland strives to prefabricate as much as possible for each project. Prefabrication is proved to be safer, provide better quality, as well as be more cost-effective for clients. With these benefits in mind, the Las Vegas shop continues to improve the fabrication shop, and its success has begun to spread throughout Southland’s other divisions.


  • Armando Najarro

    Construction Manager

    As a Construction Manager for Southland’s Southwest Division, Armando Najarro is responsible for the field personnel, instilling safe practices, and purchasing. Mr. Najarro has been involved in quality control, which ensures the material and installation standards are followed, as well as overseeing that the established lean initiatives are being followed in the field and shop. With more than 30 years of HVAC, steam, plumbing, and piping experience, Mr. Najarro is able to provide support and expertise to engineering, preconstruction, and to the project management team.

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