Discover more about healthcare including energy efficiency, financing, sustainable solutions, and megatrends.  

The Big Room Talks: Healthcare brings industry experts together to share insight and ignite action regarding the latest megatrends and implications within the healthcare industry. 

Held on Wednesday, November 11, 2020
Key Talk Topics: 
  • Megatrends  
  • Project financing  
  • COVID-19 effects on healthcare facilities 
  • Trends and innovation in healthcare construction 
  • Energy efficiency and sustainable solutions 
  • Customer success stories  

With more opportunity than ever before to leverage regulatory and legislative updates, technology, programs, and trends, The Big Room Talks: Healthcare is talking big ideas.  

Keynote Presentation: Delivering Successful Healthcare Projects

Michelle Malone, MPA, Owner and CEO, TruNrth, Inc.

Key Points:  

  • Updates from California’s Office of Statewide Healthcare and Planning Division (OSHPD)  
  • How to plan a successful healthcare project 
  • Nine indicators for successful projects including (team alignment, Big Room co-location spaces, shared knowledge, team investment, Lean methods, etc.)  
Delivering Successful Healthcare Projects | Michelle Malone
Delivering Successful Healt...


Q&A with Michelle Malone


Customer Success Story: Sutter Health  RCx Program

Wayne Bader, Energy Manager, Sutter Health
Eric Nyenhuis, PE, Director of Engineering & Development, Southland Energy

Key Points:  

  • Genesis of Sutter Health’s successful RCx program (enhanced healthcare facility operation and energy efficiency) 
  • Importance of creating solutions from the inside out, advancing sustainability goals, training staff, reducing energy and maintenance costs, and identifying opportunities for energy retrofits/capital upgrades  
  • Elegant responses to issues and root cause diagnosis  
Sutter Health  RCx Program | Wayne Bader and Eric Nyenhuis, PE
Sutter Health  RCx Progra...


Q&A with Wayne Bader and Er...


Healthcare Construction

Case Study: Washington D.C. Convention Center Alternative Care Facility – COVID-19

Andrew Tech, Principal Engineer, Southland Industries

Key Points:  

  • Washington D.C. Convention Center conversion project overview  
  • Architectural, mechanical, and plumbing highlights of COVID-19 care site  
  • Winning strategies for rapid deployment and project execution 

Trends & Innovations in Healthcare Construction  

David Thomack, Group President, Western Operations, The Boldt Company

Key Points:  

  • Healthcare construction project delivery, prefabrication/modularization, integrated energy solutions overview  
  • Integrated Lean Project Delivery 
  • Innovation examples within healthcare; campus combined heat and power (CHP) trends  
Case Study: Washington D.C. Convention Center Alternative Care Facilit
Case Study: Washington D.C....


Trends and Innovations in H...


Q&A with Andrew Tech and Da...


Trends and Innovations in Healthcare: Financing and the Importance of Resiliency

Financing Alternatives for Healthcare  

Robert Johnson, Senior Vice President, Hannon Armstrong

Key Points:  

  • Top financial challenges within the healthcare industry  
  • Resiliency and efficiency for healthcare systems (upgrades; CHP systems, unprecedented challenges) 
  • Financing options (Energy as a Service [EaaS], Property Assessed Clean Energy [PACE])   

PowerSecure, Inc. Healthcare Microgrids: How Healthcare Facilities Nationwide Mitigate Risk with Microgrids  

Adam Dutka, Vice President Sales & Market Development Healthcare and Life Sciences, PowerSecure, Inc.
Nicola Guarnieri, West Coast Business Development Manager, PowerSecure, Inc.

Key Points:  

  • PowerSecure company overview 
  • Microgrid solutions for healthcare facilities (business continuity, financial benefits, corporate social responsibility and sustainability)  
  • How microgrids mitigate risk for healthcare facilities  
  • PowerSecure healthcare case study review  
Financing Alternatives for Healthcare | Robert Johnson
Financing Alternatives for ...


How Healthcare Facilities N...


Q&A with Adam Dutka, Nicola...


PG&E’s Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Solutions Offerings

PG&E Energy Efficiency Offerings in Healthcare Segment

Claire Braico, Principal Engineer, Manager, Non-Residential Energy Efficiency Program Oversight, PG&E

Key Points:  

  • PG&E energy efficiency programs available to customers  
  • PG&E energy efficiency portfolio (portfolio transition, new local programs, and existing programs) and transition plan  
  • Healthcare Energy Efficiency Program (HEEP) overview and achievements   

PG&E Sustainable Solutions Turnkey (SST) Offering

John Garnett, Principal Product Manager, Energy Consulting Group, PG&E

Key Points:  

  • PG&E Sustainable Solutions Turnkey (SST) as a one-stop solution 
  • Common customer challenges  
  • SST experience, unique features, process overview 
PG&E Sustainable Solutions Turnkey (SST) Offering | John Garnett
PG&E Sustainable Solutions ...


Q&A with Claire Braico and ...


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Within the AEC industry, Big Rooms are on-site co-location spaces that physically bring together designers, builders, facilities operators, and more to create a collaborative environment.  

The Big Room Talks provides the opportunity for diverse professionals and clients to come together virtually within a collaborative space to learn, explore, and network.