Discover more about healthcare including energy efficiency, financing, sustainable solutions, and megatrends.  

November 11, 2020  

The Big Room Talks: Healthcare brings industry experts together to share insight and ignite action regarding the latest megatrends and implications within the healthcare industry. 

Key Talk Topics: 

  • Megatrends  
  • Project financing  
  • COVID-19 effects on healthcare facilities 
  • Trends and innovation in healthcare construction 
  • Energy efficiency and sustainable solutions 
  • Customer success stories  

With more opportunity than ever before to leverage regulatory and legislative updates, technology, programs, and trends, The Big Room Talks: Healthcare is talking big ideas.  


9:00 a.m.

Keynote Presentation

Delivering Successful Healthcare Projects

This session will take a look at relevant case studies and reflect on recently completed hospital projects. Reviewing the world of OSHPD and the workings of this organization, this presentation will also consider and discuss the factors that affect the plan approval and construction process. 


Michelle Malone is the Owner and CEO of TruNrth, Inc., a consulting and design firm specializing in IT infrastructure and bandwidth. With a Master of Public Administration and nearly 30 years of experience with healthcare facilities and hospital construction projects, she has previously served as state chair for the Hospital Building Safety Board (HBSB) and Office of Statewide Healthcare and Planning Division (OSHPD) in California. She has an established track record with managing successful partnerships and complex projects, and has a strong understanding of infrastructure coordination. Ms. Malone was also appointed to the Building Standards Commission Health Facilities Code Advisory Committee in 2018.  

Customer Success Story: 

Sutter Health RCx Program

This session will discuss the genesis of the successful Sutter Health RCx program, focusing on enhancing healthcare facility operations and energy efficiency.


As the Director of Project Development and Engineering for Southland Energy, Eric Nyenhuis is responsible for the technical development of energy projects, including coaching and leading project developers, energy engineers, and measurement and verification specialists. By providing strategic support to Southland’s business development organization regarding strategies, markets, and specific project opportunities, Eric ensures that each team member is equipped to approach clients of varying market segments and develop innovative solutions that deliver long-term value. 


Wayne Bader is the Energy Manager for Sutter Health, a network of hospitals, ambulatory clinics, surgery centers, and healthcare professionals concentrated in Northern California. With passion for energy and sustainability and a background in mechanical engineering, Mr. Bader has worked to generate collaboration throughout Sutter Health on energy and environmental action. Leading the transition from a focus only on financial savings to recognition of the wide variety of benefits that energy efficiency and renewable energy provide, Mr. Bader is driving energy efficiency and sustainability through collaboration of new facility design teams, facility operations teams, and occupants.  

Healthcare Construction

Case Study: Washington D.C. Convention Center Alternative Care Facility – COVID-19

This session will focus on the conversion of the Washington D.C Convention Center into an alternative care site for treatment of COVID-19 patients in response to the health pandemic impacting the United States in 2020. This presentation will review the main design requirement of the project, focusing on key HVAC-related design challenges that the team had to overcome when converting the large assembly space into an alternative care site.  

Trends and Innovations in Healthcare Construction

As healthcare owners are faced with numerous facility operation and construction challenges — from aging infrastructure to declining reimbursement to increased construction costs, this session will cover the trends and innovation a major healthcare builder is seeing in the California market and beyond. Additionally, this presentation will cover evolving project delivery models, how modular construction can help respond to COVID-19, and healthcare campus energy upgrades. 


Andrew Tech is a Principal Engineer with Southland Industries and is based out of their Mid-Atlantic Division located in Dulles, Virginia. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Education and a Master of Arts in Education with a Mechanical Focus from Pennsylvania State University. Mr. Tech has over 16 years of experience in the HVAC design field and has worked on a wide array of projects including healthcare facilities, data centers, office buildings, and indoor agricultural facilities. Mr. Tech was the lead design engineer for Southland on the fast-paced conversion of the DC Convention Center into an alternative care site in 2020.   


David Thomack is the Group President for The Boldt Company’s Western Operations. Mr. Thomack has successfully led transformational projects across the country for owners including Sutter Health, San Francisco International Airport, The University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Sacred Heart/St. Mary’s Health System. His experience with process implementation, operational excellence, and Integrated Lean Project Delivery has made him a leader in creating and managing successful, collaborative teams in the construction industry. 

Trends and Innovations in Healthcare: Financing and the Importance of Resiliency 

Financial Solutions for a Sustainable Infrastructure

This session focuses on how to specifically finance related projects to achieve sustainable infrastructure and energy efficiency goals. 

How Healthcare Facilities across the Country Are Mitigating Risk with the Use of a Microgrid

This presentation will examine the critical roles microgrids play in healthcare and why now is the right time to invest in them. Additionally, this presentation will review the fundamental buildings blocks that can create the most resilient system for a healthcare facility while not depleting capital budget as well as evaluate current healthcare trends as they expand their role in the community they serve.  


Robert Johnson is a Senior Vice Present at Hannon Armstrong where he is a responsible for growing the company’s sustainable infrastructure investments with major clients serving public sector customers, in the federal, state, local, and higher education markets. Throughout his career, Mr. Johnson has been a leader in the behind-the-meter industry and has built businesses across a broad range of power systems and services. He is a member of the board of directors of the National Association of Energy Services Companies (NAESCO) and the Seabee Memorial Scholarship Association (SMSA).  


Adam Dutka is an accomplished sales executive with more than 25 years of experience. Throughout his career, he has led business development, planning, and various sales initiatives for the healthcare vertical by developing strong relationships with key surgeons, hospital administration, and distributors across the country, resulting in significant sales growth. Mr. Dutka has expertise in strategic planning, business plan development, distributor recruitment, contract and GPO/IDN negotiations, operations and logistics, and marketing initiatives.  


Nicola Guarnieri is PowerSecure, Inc.’s West Coast Business Development Manager based in Southern California. At PowerSecure, Ms. Guarnieri offers customers innovative distributed generation solutions to achieve resiliency and sustainability. With over 20 years of experience in energy, construction, and real estate, she has worked in both regulated and deregulated markets. As part of the national sales team of an Ohio Investor Owned Utility, she and her team pioneered electric and natural gas deregulation in a 13-state territory, delivering energy solutions to customers in verticals such as healthcare, automotive, chemical, petrochemical and polymer, and government. Additionally, at a California Investor Owned Utility, she developed strategies to accelerate energy efficiency market transformation and advance the California Long-Term Strategic Plan. Ms. Guarnieri graduated with honors and holds a Master of Business Administration in Marketing and graduate certificates in business analytics and real estate development.

PG&E’s Sustainable Solutions Turnkey (SST) Offering 

PG&E Energy Efficiency Offerings in Healthcare Segment

This session will cover non-residential energy efficiency at PG&E. Additionally, it will provide a look at the healthcare segment energy efficiency past program participation and energy savings achievement as well as an overview of PG&E’s on-bill financing program offerings.  

PG&E Sustainable Solutions Turnkey (SST) Offering

This session will provide an overview of PG&E’s Sustainable Solutions Turnkey (SST) offering, including a discussion of the customer challenges it is designed to address, the process it follows, prior SST projects completed, and the advantages it brings to customers in this sector.     


Claire Braico has vast experience with energy efficiency projects and has worked in energy efficiency for 10 years. Ms. Braico is the Manager of Pacific Gas and Electric’s Non-Residential Energy Efficiency Programs and Financial Offerings, which includes the on-bill financing program.  


John Garnett is a Product Manager in PG&E’s Energy Consulting Group where he oversees the Sustainable Solutions Turnkey (SST) offering. With a tenure of eight years at PG&E, he has previously worked in development and legal roles for a hydropower startup and worked as an attorney representing clients in environmental-related litigation matters 


Within the AEC industry, Big Rooms are on-site co-location spaces that physically bring together designers, builders, facilities operators, and more to create a collaborative environment.  

The Big Room Talks provides the opportunity for diverse professionals and clients to come together virtually within a collaborative space to learn, explore, and network.